Lost List

If you have any idea where any of these classmates live, or if you are in contact with a member of their family, let us know. It will help us narrow our search. Even just letting us know their middle name or their parents and siblings first names will give us something to work with. Leave a comment here  or email us at:  info@lynwoodhs62.com

Linda Allred Cleary
Carol Atkinson
Judy Baber Benjamin
Anna Balleza
John Banks
David Barr
Reba Barth
Sandra Bender
Jean Beyers DeBarre
Diane Bishop
Barbara Black
Sue Boynton
Bonnie Brown
Sandra Brown
Susie Bruce
Karen Butler Heins
Jeanette Castille Ross
Mike Clifton
Ann Coleman
Donitta Cowser
Martha Cox Kauer
Roberta Ann Davis
Penelope Dickinson
Joanna Dollarhide
Mary Ann Earing
Bill English
Gladys Farmer
Susan Gates
Judy Gatlin
Betty Guith
Keith Gurley
Byron Handy
Bob Harker
Mauna Hereford
Doris Holder
Carol Holt Batchelor
Louis Howard
David Hurley
Fredda Isenberg
Mary Ann James
Deline Johnson
Linda Johnson Lax
Richard Kelley
Sandy Knapp
Karen Knox Jenkins
Ramon La Soya
Michael Lackey
Carol Lannom Courrier
Arthur Leal
Rosalind Leas Kintzler
Roberta Lewin
Jessica Licardo
Lynn Lisik
William Logan
James Lucas
Michael Luckenbill
Joey Lund
Nancy Mack Palmer
Kathy Matthews Harvey
Laraine Peterson Hoff
John McCartney
Susan McJimsey
Harry McKittrick
David McMahon
Sandra Menefee Lukes
Edward Miller
John Mitchell
Virgil Moen (Miller)
Karl Mohler
Toni Morris Leedom
Leslie Myers
Rosemary Nitti Morretta
Lynn Noble
Curt (Mac) Norris
John Norton
Toney Ogden
Suzanne Otto
Glenn Cecil Pearce
James Provence
Linda Ransom Dick
Jane Reed Cacenee
Diane Reed Selfridge
Sarah Rich
Onadell Ritchie McKeimsie
Frank Roberts
JoEllen Robling Ennis
Bonnie Rose Roberts
Diane Rubenack
Linda Russell
Albert Sanchez
Jean Savage
Gary Sharp
Linda Sharpe
Dick Shumway
Brian & Lynn Smith (Lisik)
Robert Steven
Paul Stevens
Bob Stroup
Jerry Thompson
Richard Todd
Pat Troxler
Pat Turmel Andersen
Marilyn Van Kampen
Diane Vannoy
John Weil
Geneene West Saunders
Gini Wheeler Hoakersmith
Carolyn Darlene White
Michael Wiles
Terry Williams
Tim Williams
Jeanette Wood
Gail Williams Jones
Judy Young


17 Responses to Lost List

  1. John Weil

    Live in Welches Oregon.

  2. dennis

    Hello joy long time no see . do you remember me ?????. see you at reunion.


    Virgil Moen (Miller) died – I’ve forgotten exactly when – she was about age 55 and lived in Colorado. One day she and her husband woke up. He husband went to the bathroom. When he returned to the living room, Virgil lay dead on the couch. She died of a heart-attack. At the time, she had an 8 year old son. She had other children also.
    Joy Litke

    • Linda Noble (Meeks)

      Looks like I ckd. the LHS reunion site a little late. Sorry I missed it. I was so sad to hear about Virgil. I have thought of her and all the group from LHS & St Paul’s Church often. I live in Orange and would love to catch up with you and find out whats happened since grad. (50 years, can’t believe it) . My e-mail is lcmeeks @yahoo.com. phn #685-9530.
      Hope to hear from you.

  4. Bill Landis

    I was looking forward to maybe seeing John Norton, Tom Root, Andy Cottril, Joe Dickhudt. Anyone know anything of there whereabouts?

    • admin

      Tom Root lives in Anaheim Hills but has not signed up for the reunion. Unfortunately John Norton is on the lost list although Jim Southard (Class of of ’61) said John lives in Houston, Texas and he is trying to get his address. Joe Dickhudt lives in Virginia but is not attending the reunion. Andy is an artist and grad school student and will be featured on our “Voices” series next week. His school schedule will not let him attend.

  5. Mark Bridwell

    John Banks should be fairly easy to locate through his brother, Gale. Gale Banks Engineering
    Azusa, CA

  6. Lost no more!! We are at the “GATEWAY TO THE GRAND CANYON” Williams, AZ. Not sure if we can make it to the reunion.

  7. Patricia O'Brien Prim

    My last contact with Mauna M. Hereford, she was married to Fred A. Raymond and living in Rochester, Minnesota. Lost contact years past and don’t have any current info.

  8. Chuck Bender

    Has anyone seen Terry Kelly, Roger Wing or Jerry Burton?

  9. Patricia O'Brien Prim

    Frances (not Francis) Wilson Mattias is living in Oklahoma. I will call her to check in here. I really hope she can make the trip in October to attend our Reunion.

  10. Ron Perron

    Elaine Murray Vincello & Karen Curry-Urban are friends on Facebook

  11. ron Perron

    Cheryl Bower Crouse…now just Cheryl Crouse
    Lives in Lewiston Idaho

  12. Ron Perron

    I think you can find William Rydeen in Los Angeles.


    Davis, CA

  14. Fred & Deb Van Anda

    Looking forward to the reunion.

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