The Party’s Over


The party may be over, but we’re not turning out the lights here…This website is still the official information center for the Class of 1962 of Lynwood High School.  Encourage your friends who didn’t attend to visit the website and read all the good stuff here and ask them to share their bio. And of course, submit yours if you haven’t already.

If you ordered one, you should received it shortly (Jan. 10 now).

Typically the book is mailed a few months after the reunion. We’ll do our best to get it finished and sent to you as soon as is physically possible. We’ll let you know when it is mailed so you can look for it. And so you can keep in touch with your new old friends, the book will include the roster of classmates for whom we have addresses and emails. The party may be over, but we want the memories to linger on…

We want to post all the reunion photos we can. If you have just a few, email them to us when you send them to your friends: However if you took a lot of pictures, it will be impossible to email them efficiently. The best solution is to post your photos to the web and then send a link to your friends (and us). Many of you already regularly use one of the sites below. But if not:

First you need to sign up with a free service such as PhotobucketSnapfish, Shutterfly, or Picasaweb. If you haven’t tried this before, it will change the way you share photos. The first three are probably the easiest. Go to one of the websites to sign up for a free account. Follow the easy instructions and go from there.

Once you upload your photos, when you’re sending the link to your friends, send one to our website contact email:   We’ll post classmates’ links so that there will be a central place for us to see all the photos that were taken – and to order prints of those we like. We’ll add your name to your link so classmates will know who took the photos and can contact you if they wish to request a digital copy of a particular photo.

Very 21st century for us old folks – and we can do it!





36 Responses to The Party’s Over

  1. Gene Simpson

    Wow! Found this by accident. Was remembering the entertainment for senior all-night party…Righteous Bros, Coasters & Rumblers. Anybody still playing tennis?

  2. Roger and Janet Foster

    What a nice surprise we received in the mail today! The memory booklet was great and brought back fun times of last October. Thanks again committee members for doing such a great job.

  3. Roger and Janet Foster

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the folks back east and hopefully, Dennis and Nancy Slocumb “weathered” that storm.

    Roger and Janet (DeLaby) Foster

    • Dennis Slocumb

      We weathered just fine and appreciate the concern. We had some limbs down and minor cleanup to do, but neither damage to property or any harm to any of the critters. Thankfully, we got just a lot of wind and rain but no flooding. It was such a treat so see everyone and obviously the committee did an outstanding job. Thanks to each of them.

  4. admin

    Helene Freedman Rosen wrote to say, “I want to thank you so much for the wonderful reunion weekend. It was a really special time and I appreciate all the hard work that everyone put into making it so special. It was so much fun seeing old friends and talking to new ones as well. It was just the greatest. Congratulations to the entire committee for all their efforts.}

  5. admin

    Bob O’Connor wrote a note to thank all the committee members for putting on such a great event. “I don’t have all of the email addresses so if you can forward my personal thanks to all for working so hard to make the reunion the resounding success that I believe it was.
    Thanks again, hope to see everyone at the sixtieth”.

  6. Patricia O'Brien Prim

    It was a wonderful reunion! I was able to connect with most of my fellow Lindbergh Elementary students and lots of others. Thank you to the reunion committee – each and every one of you.

  7. Diana Cross Nolan

    What a wonderful reunion! A Special thank you to our chairperson Kathy Breeze Roah for all of her hard work, and of course the rest of the committee, but the real thanks for making the night such a success goes out to our fellow classmates that took the time and were able to attend, without classmates we have nothing. Hope everyone had fun! I only regret not getting to visit more with friends, there is never enough time. God Bless you all , see ya next time 🙂

    • Susan Holt Couture

      Hi Diana,
      I agree – thank you Kathy. It was the best reunion ever! You were our wings. You definitely gave us flight. You are the best!

  8. Sharron Wheatley Olson

    I am sorry that my husband, Jerry, and I cannot attend. Sounds like fun, but we have made commitments with our yacht club. Hope everyone has a great time. Miss you

  9. Pam Burke Fetters

    I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to the reunion, as we are planning a trip across the states, a belated honeymoon. We have decided to return early to be at the reunion.

  10. Karen (Curry) Urban

    Received the letter about the reunion and regret to say that my husband and I are not able to attend. I wish we could. Hope everyone has a great time.

  11. Jim Bidwell

    Yes, I will be there. Can’t wait to see all my old classmates. Satan’s Chauffeurs live on forever!

  12. phil armstrong

    not sure yet if i will be there

  13. Nancy Yerigan

    Nice to hear from you! I am thinking about attending the reunion!

  14. randy rassi

    Oh yea, I’ll be there with Maria, my wife!

  15. Ron Dennis

    Hello from Dallas, TX. We plan to attend. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  16. Marc Steele

    Hey Phil, been a long time. I initally told the reunion committee I would be there but it turns out I will be out og the country right then. Would like to see you.

    Best Marc

  17. Phil Mueller

    Hello from Franktown, Colorado. Look forward to being there in October !

  18. Dianne (Warden)Firestone

    Look forward to seeing everyone.

  19. Mike Quick

    I plan on being there

  20. Rodney Mulhearn

    Definitely on for the big fifty.

  21. Pat Baldivia

    Thanks so much for doing this, looking forward to it.

    • Annette (Long) Fesler

      To Pat Baldivia,
      Can hardly wait to catch up on 50 years of news with you. I found a letter you wrote to me when I was going to Cal Poly the other day, oh boy, we were soooo young. I still have a box of stuff from high school in a cabinet in the garage. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you.
      Annette (Long) Fesler

  22. Roger and Janet Foster

    We plan to attend, only hope it doesn’t interfere with the tryouts for the “Biggest Loser”. Look forward to seeing all – and great job on the planning!

    • Kathy Roah

      Hi Janet and Roger,

      It’s been too many years since we’ve seen you! We are holding you to this commitment to attend. I know that Joy Burlison Arnswald will feel the same way.

    • Bill Moore

      Roger and Janet
      Looking forward to seeing you both again.

      • Karen (Humphries) Lindsey

        Roger and Janet: So happy to here that you will be at the Big Reunion in October. It’s been just too too long! Much Aloha, Karen

  23. Don Warden

    Hey all from Longmont Colorado. Looking forward to being there

  24. Jimmie Pagan

    Hello everyone from Wilmington, NC. Great looking website. Jimmie Pagan

  25. Sharon (Hazelwood) Pereira

    I can’t believe it will be half a century since we graduated. I don’t feel THAT old. Thank you to the group organizing the reunion and I am looking forward to it. Let the dieting begin

  26. Ron Perron

    Thanks for the postcard Kathy. Living in Sandpoint , Idaho and have bookmarked the date. I plan on being there. I s there any truth to the rumor that Wink Martindale is hosting!?

  27. Carol (Hancock) Jackson

    Looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks for organizing the reunion

  28. Mark Bridwell

    Hi there _ _ _ heard about this from Diane Nolan recently, so it’s good to see it officially – on this website.
    Am looking forward to seeing you all.

  29. admin

    John Brenes checked in from Ashland, Oregon. He is no longer lost, and in case you were wondering, has all his 45 records from Jr. and Sr. High – and more!

    • Karen (Humphries) Lindsey

      John I can’t believe you still have all those great records. They are priceless.
      Hope you are planning to come to the reunion. Would love to see you. You always had the Best parties. Much Aloha, Karen

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