Who Attended

We want to thank everybody for taking the time and spending the money to attend our 50th reunion. No matter what we planned, it wouldn’t have been a success without you there. I think we really did prove the old saying:  The more the merrier!  Check out The Party’s Over page for details on ordering a class photo.

First Last ST # Tickets
Bob Angel CA 1
Jack Armstrong CA 1
Bob Arnold AZ 1
Kathy Arseneau Hundorf CA 1
Ron Atkins AZ 2
Frank Augusta CA 1
Pat Baldivia CA 2
David Barnes OR 2
Pat Beavers Patelson CA 1
Chuck Bender CA 2
Phil Bergeron AZ 1
Jim Bidwell CA 1
Gloria Birtch Fitzgerald CA 2
Mike Bonaventura WY 2
Cheryl Bower Crouse ID 1
Cheryl Braden Lorz NV 1
Kathy Breeze Roah CA 2
Mark Bridwell CA 1
Judi Buchanan Gerstenfeld AZ 1
Pam Burke Fetters CA 2
Joy Burlison Arnswald CA 2
Rosalie Burrachio Wilson CA 1
Jerry Burton WA 1
Don Campbell CA 2
Kim Carney CA 1
Bonnie Clark Dissmore CA 2
Frankie Clem Oldenburg CA 2
Paul Cornwall CA 1
Frances Cowens Riley CA 2
Charlie Cowles AZ 1
Diana Cross Nolan CA 2
Christine Delaby Anderson CA 5
Janet Delaby Foster CA 1
Ron Dennis TX 2
Wilma Drake Irvine CA 1
Jean Elliott Savage OR 2
John Elm CA 2
Tom Fletcher CA 2
Catherine Forman Freeman CA 1
Roger Foster CA 1
Charlotte Foulke Faist CA 2
Helene Freedman Rosen CA 1
Nancy Garcia Fuller CA 1
Barbara Gordon Vanhouten CA 2
Sharon Green CA 3
Bud Greenwell CA 1
Brian Hancock OR 2
Carol Hancock Jackson AZ 2
Scott Harrison CA 2
Susan Haydon Reed CA 2
Margaret Henson Brummel CA 2
Susan Holt Couture CA 2
Karen Humphries Lindsey HI 1
Judy Johnson Krulic CA 2
Linda Kay Calvert CA 1
Terry Kelly CA 2
Kathy Kewish McDevitt CA 2
Cynthia Kolich Flaim CA 2
Diana Kopp McDonough CA 1
Bill Landis CA 1
Pamela Layton Landreth CA 1
Jackie Leichty Donohue CA 2
Joy Litke Craft CA 1
Annette Long  Fesler CA 2
Helen Lopez Lumpkin CA 1
Linda Luker Schriver CA 2
Dennis Manifor CA 2
Sylvia Marcinko Chai FL 1
Al Martin CA 2
Pat McCarthy Spandle CA 1
Don McCartney CA 1
Glenn McConnell CA 2
Chloie Milledge Pringle CA 1
Gary Mills CA 1
Doug Mock CA 2
Bill Moore CA 2
Phillip Mueller CO 2
Rodney Mulhearn CA 2
Patricia O’Brien Prim CA 2
Robert O’Connor CA 2
Janet Oeller McClintock CA 1
Richard Orr CA 2
Pamela Parks Mohr CA 4
Jim Pilgrim AZ 2
Michael Quick CA 2
Randy Rassi CA 2
Paul Reggiardo CA 2
Margean Rickey Majors CA 1
Bill Rydeen CA 1
Glenda Sachs MN 1
Dennis Saldana CA 2
Janet Samuleson Smith CA 1
Susan Schenk Hunt CA 1
Sharon Shirley CA 2
Mary Ann Simpson Woirhaye CA 2
Dennis Slocumb MD 2
Linda Spaur Franklin WA 2
Donna Squillante Brooks CA 1
John Sumpter CA 2
Carol Svendsen Mattoon CA 2
Fred Van Anda CA 2
Dianne Warden Firestone CA 2
Carl Watkins ID 1
Ken Williams CA 2
Linda Witt McKinnon CA 2


14 Responses to Who Attended

  1. Pam Burke Fetters

    I want to send and extra big THANK YOU to the reunion committee for a job well done, and a special THANK YOU to Susan Holt for letting me help decorate for the reunion. It made me feel like I was a real part of the reunion. I would love to help on the committee for the next reunion 2017. I know you all worked long and hard hours which showed in the great turnout . Our classmate DJ Carl was great, the food amazing and everyone had FUN FUN FUN.

  2. Sharron Wheatley Olson

    It sounds like you had a great time. I would like to order a memory book
    but dont have the details, please help.


    • admin

      Send $25 to our treasurer, Susan Holt Couture.

      Make your check payable to: LHS Class of ’62 Reunion.
      Her address is 10 Ticonderoga, Irvine, CA 92620-2558
      You’ll be added to the list and will receive your copy in a few months when all the photos are processed and the booklet is produced. We’ll post it on the website when they are ready to be mailed.

  3. Kathy Arseneau Hundorf

    Pam Burke Fetters usually talks me into going to a reunion, and I do enjoy myself once there. So many accomplished people in our class…makes one feel proud. Loved connecting with people I was close to in school and having really good visit with others. I was especially touched by the tribute to those no longer with us. Thank you to all who made the event so wonderful, you guys a really great. Party on ’62……..it was a blast.

  4. admin

    Note from Bill Rydeen,
    I had a wonderful time at the reunion. I am not as eloquent as my mother but I want to express all of my heartfelt thanks for so many mentions of my mother ‘s influence on the individuals in the class. I am sure she would have been proud of all of you who had her as a teacher. I hope that we can get together from time to time
    to reminisce but not as an official reunion type event. Keep in touch.
    Thank you again.
    Bill Rydeen

  5. kim Carney

    My, my, where has all the time gone? I’m looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend. Has anyone heard from Frank Roberts, Nancy Yerigan or Barbara Saunders?

  6. admin

    We’re pretty sure John Sumpter is running the Long Beach Marathon today and we wish him luck. You make us old geezers proud!


    Am I doing this right? I’m still computer illiterate.
    Are any of you out there smokers? I’m looking for someone who smokes to get together with – maybe share a room or something. Please telephone me at (714) 780-0015. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

    Joy Litke Craft

  8. admin

    Don and Sandy Keiffer (Lake Isabella, CA) were married the day of our 40th reunion in Laughlin. Due to health problems on Sandy’s side of the family, they will be unable to attend. Don sends his best and says he will miss everyone. We are sorry they won’t be with us, but wish them a very happy 40th anniversary.

  9. admin

    Family obligations have caused Roberta Fry McNaught to cancel her plans to attend the reunion. She asked us to pass along her best regards and the wish that everyone has a wonderful time.

  10. Jim Southard class of 61

    John Norton live in Houston Texas. I will get the adress and give it to you when I do.

  11. Brian Hancock

    Wow, good looking list ! Thanks in advance to all involved on a great job! We appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to seeing everyone in October.

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