Bios (L – Z)

Layton, Pamela Landreth – Alta Loma, CA
   (Attending reunion)

Hi all, been a busy 50 years. After graduation, I attended Cal Poly. Not long after, I came back to Lynwood to marry classmate Richard Reber. Together we had a beautiful son named Ned.The birth of my son was the greatest and most wonderful experience in my life. Richard and I divorced and I moved on to husband #2. His name was Robin Hood and we had a few merry years, where we raised and trained mountain lions and I became a train engineer for Union Pacific. It appears that the saying is true: third time’s a charm. I married my third husband, Bob in 1979. He had two young boys, who became like my own kids. Our three boys went on to give us nine beautiful grand children ranging from 9 to 19 years. Bob passed away after 30 years of marriage and I recently sold the contracting business we had operated for most of our married life. Now I work part time in a quilt store and enjoy time with the grandkids who all live close by. I really enjoy traveling, quilting and activities with my friends. I look forward to seeing my fellow classmates and learning how their 50 years have been.
Leichty, Jackie Donohue – La Mirada, CA  (Attending reunion)

Fifty Years? Where did the time go? Twenty years ago I went to Ohio with my mother to attend her 50-year reunion; my own seemed so far away. Now that time seems like yesterday. After graduation I worked for seven years at Owens Illinois Glass Company in Vernon as a secretary. In 1967 I married fellow classmate, Steve Loven. I became a stay-at-home Mom after the birth of our two sons. Steve is now 43 and Scott is 40. I was very involved in sports and scouting with them. In 1980 I went back to work for the Norwalk/La Mirada School District and stayed there for 27 years. I married for the second time in 2001 to Mike Donohue. We are both retired now and do some traveling and keep busy with friends and family. We go up to Bishop, California often as that is where my sons are living. I stay in touch with my good friends, Diana, Fran and Linda and we share some great times. I have enjoyed being on the reunion committee and am looking forward to seeing more classmates at the reunion. Growing up in Lynwood, as we did, was a special time. I have great memories. Life has had some challenges, but it is good.
Long, Annette Fesler – Arroyo Grande, CA
  (Attending reunion)

After graduating, I moved to San Luis Obispo, CA to attend Cal Poly.  My parents moved up after a year and I have lived here since.  My mother worked in the Lynwood High School office. She is still living in the home they bought in San Luis Obispo in 1963.  She is 94 years old and doing great.  My brother went to Cal Poly also, LHS class of 1960 and is a veterinarian in Live Oak, CA.  I have two children and two step-children. I was married for 27 years to Bill Anselmi and now I have been married for 18 years to my wonderful husband, Dennis Fesler.  I retired 11 years ago as an elementary school secretary after 25 years.  My husband retired a year ago after teaching for 39 years. For exercise my husband and I like to run, hike, and horseback ride.  We used to do 25 to 50 mile endurance rides on the horses and ride & ties. We also have done several marathons. We have slowed down a bit now and are just enjoying a less hectic life. My children are 46 and 42, live close by and they each have two children.  My son just celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary.  My step-children are 33 and 30 and live in Berkeley and Arroyo Grande and are still single.  My husband and I love to travel and are trying to see and experience everything we can.  It is hard to leave for too long as we live in the country and have horses, dogs, a cat, chickens and a duck.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone as I haven’t kept in touch with anyone.  Life has been good to me and I am thankful.

Lopez, Helen Lumpkin – Belmont Shore, CA  (Attending reunion)

After graduation I married Dennis in February of 1963. We had three sons and moved to San Bernardino in October of 1966 and raised our boys there. Ed is 48, Steve is 46, and Dwayne is 44. They are all married and gave us nine grandchildren (ages 10-26) and four great-grandchildren (ages 1-1/2 to 8). They all live in Southern California. I was a dental assistant for seven years in San Bernardino and then worked for Stater Brothers in the main office for 13 years and did receptionist work until retirement. I moved to Belmont Shore (Long Beach) in 1997. I love it and do a lot of walking and biking and try to play tennis when I can. I am blessed! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. It will be fun.
Manifor, Dennis – Garden Grove, CA  (Attending reunion)

 After graduation, I like many, went on to Compton College for a couple of years. My intentions were headed toward some kind of future engineering career. I was drafted into the Army in 1965 and after basic training sent to Korea for 1-1/2 years. Upon completion of my military requirement, I bounced around trying to find a direction and career path: machine shops, Todd Ship Yard, printing press operator, Chevrolet line mechanic, steel sales, electric motor rewinding, just to name a few. I hired into a large machinery manufacturing company that builds, manufactures, retrofits and repairs very large precision metal-cutting machines for industry and aerospace. I found the job to be interesting and challenging. I worked several years inside and then became an outside field representative, making repairs, erecting new equipment, retrofitting equipment and traveling throughout the country. I worked on specialized precision large equipment for about 40 years as a consultant or repairman. In the 1990’s, I opened a large antique mall near Disneyland, on Katella in Anaheim. We had approximately 75 dealers with a wide range of antiques and collectibles. It was really fun but a lot of work being open seven days a week. You quickly become very knowledgeable about the value of common and uncommon items. My girlfriend Linda Boswell (Lynwood class of ‘64) and several nice senior ladies ran the store while I was working at an automobile racing piston company in Huntington Beach. My last ten years I worked with JE Pistons, maintaining about 75 CNC machining centers, designing new tooling, improving quality, production, and implementing new processes. I am still and will always be a gear-head. I still have several old cars (hot rods, antiques and motorcycles) that I have acquired over the last 20 to 50 years–just a hobby that appears have gotten way out of hand. I have a 50-year-old daughter and young granddaughter. It took me 30 years to find and meet my daughter. Linda and I met at A&W on Tweedy Blvd in 1964. This time we have been together for over 20 years and we live in Garden Grove, Calif. I hoped that retirement would give the opportunity to finish some of the many projects I have started and have never made time to complete; only time will tell.
Marcinko, Marcinko Chai  – Tampa, FL  (Attending reunion)

I graduated from the University of Redlands in 1966 with a BA in Sociology and Music and in 1967 with a MA in teaching.  I taught school in Bell Gardens, Calif for two years.  My best students were in the Head Start Program.  I had an Apache girl and a Navajo boy neither of whom spoke English.  One day my student Raymond came in with a live bullet in his hand.  “Where did you get that Raymond?” I asked.  “Oh, my old man got out of jail last night and he gave it to me.” In 1968 my mother and I went to Czechoslovakia to visit relatives.  We arrived back in the United States on separate flights.  The next morning we turned on the TV and the announcer said,” The Russians have just invaded Czechoslovakia.” Had we stayed longer we would have been by the Hungarian and Russian borders as the tanks and troops rolled in, missed our flights out of the country, and not had enough money to buy new tickets. Besides teaching First Grade I was writing freelance for the Copley newspapers, and I was the Organist at Christ Lutheran Church in Alhambra.  I wrote several articles that were also published in national magazines, and a book about my experiences in Czechoslovakia that has not been published yet. I got married in 1969 to a PhD in math who came from China, and we moved to New Jersey.  We started a business, and had a baby girl.  I saw where the World Trade Tower was going to be built, watched it going up and suggested getting office space there.  At one point my husband had a contract working on the 32nd floor.  I didn’t like the way the tower swayed in the wind and was glad he left after a year. He personally knew 17 people who worked for Cantor-Fitzgerald on the top-floors.  My husband wrote a book “Standard Cobol” which became a popular textbook.  I edited every word, and always was his and the company’s Technical Writer   I continued freelance writing, and working as a Director of Music and Organist in churches.  I also studied with concert organist Claire Coci and gave organ recitals in various churches including Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Grace Church, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.  Claire wanted me to make a debut at the Kennedy Arts Center and invite the Kennedy family for the Memorial Concert, but I hated the assassination music and wouldn’t play it. I had four more babies in five years instead. At one point our business was the largest OEM for Hewlett-Packard in NYC and the 10th largest in the nation. One year we had a company Christmas party at the Waldorf Astoria.  Alas, SST is no more. We moved to Florida, I raised the kids and we took care of my mother, who was bedridden the last seven years until she passed away at the age of 97. The kids are all on their own now.  Margaret is married to Sean Maloney, who is Chairman- Intel, China.  (See cover story on him in Fortune magazine Oct. 3, 2011;  he was slated to be the next CEO of Intel before having a stroke.) They have twin girls age 7, and a 2-year-old girl. Marianne is completing her 2nd Fellowship for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and teaches at the NYU medical school.  Michael received the national “Simply Outrageous Service” award from last year at their company Awards Ceremony.  This year he completed a Master’s Degree. He’s married. Mark was #1 nationally in sales for Mutual of Omaha last year and took me to Maui and Lanai with his wife and baby boy for the sales event for their top employees in March. He’s been a top salesman every year. Matthew works for A & E Entertainment as a metadata specialist, specifically for the History Channel.  Mark, Marianne, and Matt live in Manhattan. I continue to play organ recitals and am scheduled to appear again when renovations are completed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. You are all invited! And I am scheduled to give a Christmas Recital at Sacred Heart in December. These are some of my present job titles:
Director of Music – James A. Haley Veterans Administration Hospital (one of the nation’s busiest.  Services are televised in-house and throughout the National Spinal Rehabilitation Center next door.)
Organist – Seminole Presbyterian Church.
Music Director for Hispanic Services – Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the historic Ybor City section of Tampa.  Our Spanish Mass was televised over the AztecaAmerica Network for 6 months recently.
I also play for the weekday noon mass at beautiful Sacred Heart Church downtown, a few blocks from the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention. I have a CD of my music, plus a DVD of one of my concerts at Sacred Heart, and a DVD of one of the televised Spanish masses that I will bring with me to the reunion.  You may also order by contacting me at
I am a regular contributor to Slovakia Magazine, The Good Shepherd, New Floridian, Seminole Press, Jednota, and I translated Slovak Folksongs published by Alliance Press into English. Slovak Folksongs is available at
I’ve taught music in private schools, and public schools from Pre-K through high school, and always taught private students as well. I’ve played for religious services in nearly all Protestant denominations, and in Catholic churches in Spanish and English, and played the liturgies of the Reformed Jewish Temple.  I can get by in Slovak, Czech, Polish, German, Spanish and with some Chinese.
I am on the National Standing Steering Committee for Organists for the National Pastoral Musicians Association (membership 8,000) and in charge of the website: and Events. And this year my company SMA International, Inc. landed the biggest contract I’ve ever had. We developed the Walid Program (Women’s Academy for Leadership in Development) at Mount Holyoke College, the oldest women’s college in the nation and one of the original Sisters to the Ivy Leagues.  This program ran for the first time this year and is being expanded for next year.  Please look at the website for the Mount Holyoke College Catalogue for the program description.  So, here’s to the first 50 years! And here’s to an even brighter future!!    See you at the Reunion!
Martin, Al – Walnut Creek, CA   (Attending reunion)

Following graduation from LHS I attended Compton J.C. and got really bored, so one day in early 1963 I and Rich Orr and Rich Cavender joined the USAF. Probably a good move for me because I matured quite fast under the government’s tutelage. After three years, nine months and a few days they let me go on a college early-out that was a few weeks too late to start /continue my degree at UCLA. I then went back to Compton for a semester and then transferred to Cal. State Fullerton where I received a BA in biology. During college I had a job at North American working with pilots and budding astronauts.  I first worked in the human factors section designing and building a “sopwith camel device” that we used to develop ways to allow fabrication of circuit boards on assembly lines and to help pilots have better heads-up displays. Next I worked with the beginnings of wafer fabrication processes where I received a patent for controlled etching of wafers used to make chips. The company also let me use their lasers to strip off cell membranes and gather DNA for my research. I did realize that I never wanted to be in the corporate world. Too many meetings! I completed an MS program in Molecular Biology at CSF but then took off for Dental school at UC San Francisco. Oh yeah, I was at Cisco’s bar in Manhattan Beach when I met Renee (who does not drink but was looking for a guy who could dance and I don’t) whom I married in July of 1969. We have two sons, one born before graduating from dental school and one born after. The older son, Todd is an intellectual property attorney in NYC and the younger son, Brent, is a professor at University of Michigan running his molecular bio research lab. Upon graduating from dental school we moved to Clayton, California and I started my practice in Concord in 1976 and have been practicing/playing arts and crafts since then. I still love to play with cars and have three ’57 Chevys. One is a “pile of junk” according to Renee. One is restored and the third is nearly restored thanks to Mike Johnson. The past 50 years have been great. I hope the next X years are as much fun.
McCarthy, Patricia Spandle – Tehachapi, CA   (Attending reunion)

I really enjoyed reading all the bios so I guess I’ll get started. I never enjoyed writing, and I still think of Mrs. Rydeen when I do have to write something. She was always there encouraging me. I attended Cal Poly Pomona for two years and then went to work for Pacific Telephone. I married Terry Spandle in 1965 and we had two daughters, Beth in 1966 and Laurie in 1970. Our daughters were raised in La Mirada and live there still along with my grandson Brennan. In ‘87 I took a golden handshake offer from the phone company and we moved to Fontana where our oldest daughter was living. I was supposed to be retired, but continued to work for the phone company on a contract basis for five more years. In 1993 we finally got to move to northern California to a small rural town, Carlotta, and had enough property for my husband to realize his lifelong dream of having a horse. I started work as a classroom aide at the small school down the street from our house and I was quite content. (So much for retirement!) A few months later I got a horse. I still have my horse Sweetie whom I try to ride regularly. We were very happy there but decided in 2000 to move somewhere closer to our daughters and grandson. We moved to Bear Valley Springs in Tehachapi. In 2006 just as I was going to retire again, Terry passed away. So I stayed here and continue to work as a substitute aide in the local school district. (So much for retirement!) I’ve had the opportunity to take some really fun trips with my daughters and my grandson. Besides working and riding my horse, I stay busy in two local horse clubs, a quilting club and spend time with the many friends I have here. I am really looking forward to this weekend.
McCormack, David – Steamboat Springs, CO

Wow… can’t believe it has been 50 years and I haven’t changed. Fifty years since we were seniors at Lynwood High School. What is wrong with that picture? After reading many of your bios, it seems a lot of us went to Compton J.C. after graduating from Lynwood. It took me a couple of years to get there, but when I finally made it, I met Sharon Johnson, my wife of 46 years. Can’t believe that one either. Like the times in the 60’s, our first years of marriage found us traveling the U.S., Canada and Mexico in our Volkswagen Bus, listening to the Beatles, Bob Dylan and John Denver. What a time that was. Instead of hanging out at Woodstock, we found ourselves as ski bums, working and skiing in Aspen. This was the beginning of our love for the mountains that was passed on to our two boys who are now passing that on to our grandkids, three boys and a girl, between the ages of 11 and 7. We are certainly blessed with our family. After years in Cerritos, with the boys both married, grandkids growing and us just retiring, the Rocky Mountains began calling our names. We took off again, this time for Steamboat Springs, Colorado to see if this was where we really wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. With 500 inches of snow that year, and nothing to do but ski, champagne powder became our daily exercise. We instantly knew this was to be our home, went back to California, sold our home of 37 years and packed up. With nine months to waste before the next winter, we decided to go on the road again, as Willy Nelson would say, this time overseas. It too was a great adventure. We find ourselves busier after retiring than when we both worked full time. I now work for the mountain in the winter teaching physically and mentally challenged kids and adults how to alpine ski. This blends nicely with the volunteer work both Sharon and I do for their summer programs. Many of the same kids are involved in both. We definitely found our passion. In our spare time, we ski, hike, mountain bike, river tube, play tennis, golf, teach Sunday School and entertain the many family and friends that have also fallen in love with Steamboat. Boy, 50 years surely did go by fast. We will miss you all at the reunion, but would like to leave you with a quote from a devotional we read daily titled “Jesus Calling”. One particular day caught my attention and I’ll pass it on to you, “Open your hands and your heart to receive this day as a precious gift from God”. Enjoy, David.
Milledge, Chloie Pringle San Ramon, CA    (Attending Reunion)

I’m like Barbara Imhoff Bruce, not old enough for a 50th reunion!  But let’s face facts, it is true.  After LHS I went to Long Beach State, “D’d” out, spent a year at Compton J.C. and went on to L.A. State to get my Bachelor’s degree, teaching credential (retired from LHS after one year) and Masters in Theatre Arts.  I married Len Pringle class of “61 in 1970 and moved to Carson City, Nevada.  Quite a shock!  We then moved to Reno and then to Pleasanton in Northern California.  Motorola transferred people a lot, so off to Denver we went.  We came back to Pleasanton and finally made a ten-mile move to San Ramon, where we lived with our two sons Jim and John until Len passed away in 2008.  In the last 35 years I was a stay-at-home mom until the boys were in school and then went back to work as an account settlement negotiator in the legal department for a major credit card company.  Or as I told everyone, I argued with attorneys all day and had the final say.  For those of you who knew me well, sports was not my thing, but with two boys who lived it. I became very knowledgeable about baseball and football.   I have no grandchildren yet.  Both boys are enjoying living as bachelors in San Francisco.  One is a computer developer and the younger one is a musician.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in October.
Mills, Gary – Forestville, CA    (Attending reunion) 

After LHS I attended Compton J.C. until I was able to join the Navy Reserve to avoid the draft and Viet Nam. After a year of learning how to change landing lights on jet fighters it was back to Compton J.C. for a semester. Long Beach State was next where I graduated with a degree in Economics. It took six years but by the time I entered the job market, there was work for most of the graduating class. Western Gear in Lynwood was my first job. My wife Carol (Maiolfi – Pius 64) and I were married in 1969. She also graduated from LBS and became a teacher in Huntington Beach. I was laid off at Western Gear and could not find another job, so a friend who had also been laid off and I started a business making wooden shipping crates. We did OK until the US started pulling all its military equipment out of Viet Nam. Business got good; we made a lot of crates to bring home jet fighter fuel tanks. In the mean time Carol and I had two daughters and enjoyed life in Seal Beach. We made a major move to Sonoma County and became wine grape growers; that is farmers. It’s not easy for a city kid to become a farmer. The years we could not sell all our grapes we made wine and started selling our wine in the bay area. Over the years we made a little more wine each year until wine and not grapes became the profit center of our business. We started selling off our vineyards and ended up with a small vineyard and built a winery on the property in western Sonoma County. In December, after 36 years we sold the winery and vineyard. I became a consultant to the company that bought our business as part of the purchase contract. A consultant is someone who answers questions on how something should be done so they can do exactly the opposite. It was a good ride and I have been very lucky. Last week I helped your classmate Paul Cornwall move to Ventura where he can surf everyday until he loses the bounce in his knees. For more than 20 years Paul and I ran trails most Sunday mornings in the hills around Sonoma County. My future holds longer ski trips, bike rides, runs in the Redwoods and time in Baja. Carol and I will be traveling more and taking the grandkids (we have five) fun places.
Moore, Bill
  – El Dorado Hills, CA  (Attending reunion)

Before I get to my story,  I want to tell you about my wife of 41 years, Alfreda “Fred” Cotillo, an LHS ‘66 grad (her sister Ann graduated with us). You know the old saying love at first sight? Well it was and is. I knew from the moment i saw her she was the one (I stole her away from good friend). We have had a great marriage, and have three fantastic kids and three incredible grandkids and are extremely proud of their life adventures and their families. Our kids are now 39, 37 and 33 and our 3 grandkids are 8, 6, and 5. We love going to their soccer and baseball games and just watching them grow and experience life. As for me, I was born in Hawthorne California but my family moved to Iowa when I was 18 months old. I lived on a farm until the 7th grade when we moved to Lynwood. Big culture shock. After high school I went to Compton J.C. for a while, until I knew it wasn’t for me. After that I had several jobs until I got tired of me and where I was going, which was nowhere. So in 1964 I enlisted in the Air Force where they made me an aircraft mechanic. I traveled the world and even made it to Viet Nam for my one-year stint. In 1968 I got out of the military and went to work for Continental Airlines and in 1970 I married Fred and we moved to Wyoming where I worked for Caterpillar and then the State of Wyoming. I spent a lot of time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and cross-country skiing. I even had a line of 50 traps to trap coyote, bobcat, fox, and badgers-we sold the hides to fur buyers. In 1987 we moved to Northern California to El Dorado Hills where we still live. I worked for a small school district and got involved with the sports boosters at the local high school, which eventually led me to be an assistant track and field coach (shot put and discus) for 10 years. After retirement in 2003 I worked for Trader Joe’s, a private golf club, and eventually started my own minor car repair business. I still have, the business, but I’d rather travel than work. As a side note, I grew up with no siblings and no dad. In 2000 I hired a private investigator and found my dad and a half brother and sister. My dad had passed away but my brother and sister and I stay in touch. To keep busy (besides doing all the jobs my wife finds for me), I enjoy working on old cars. I have owned several but presently have a ‘72 Chevy short bed truck and a ‘73 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. My son and I have big plans for the cruiser. I look forward to seeing all my classmates at the reunion.
Mulhearn, Rodney – Whittier, CA  (Attending reunion)

Coming from England in November of 1957, I attended Hosler for only a few months. That first day I was terrified. I didn’t know what a homeroom was or how the school system worked. It was so different from the schools in England. I didn’t know anything about baseball, never mind holding a bat, or any American sport. My panic only lasted a day, as all the kids were so great and helpful and really made me feel welcome. All the way through Lynwood High I had the same experience. My thanks to all of you! After Lynwood I did the two years at Compton J.C., and while waiting to be drafted I took a job in a small direct mail advertising company (junk mail). I stayed there twenty years as I never got called up. I learned a lot about managing and running a large mailing operation. Over the years I had some great opportunities to run five other companies. I retired in 2009. Along the way I did a lot of traveling for pleasure in the U.S. and Europe; it didn’t hurt to have relatives in England. I eventually married in 1981 and we are still going strong. My wife is a lead designer for Ethan Allen Interiors (28 years) at the Tustin market place showroom. We have lived in East Whittier for the last 28 years. We have one child, Andrew, who just turned twenty last week. Yes twenty. He is a race car driver, dirt midgets. So for the last ten years I have been his mechanic, crew chief, pit crew and of course the bank. He has kept me very active to say the least.
O’Connor, Robert – Apple Valley, CA  (Attending reunion)

As I read through the Bio’s I thought, “Wow, our class really did good”. I am sure those of you who remember me thought I probably ended up in prison somewhere. But, as luck would have it, I managed to skirt the long arms of the law and actually ended up as a criminal defense attorney. After graduation I worked briefly at Jerebar Aluminum Foundry and by the end of the summer decided to run away from home. I think I was headed for Alaska but stopped in Seattle for a breather, worked at the World’s Fair in Seattle for a couple of weeks picking up trash and decided “what the heck I think I’ll join the Air Force!”  So in September of 1962 I joined the USAF and by January of 1963 I was serving my country as an Air Policeman in Misawa, Japan. Japan was cool–actually where I was it was freezing; Misawa is real close to Siberia. When I finished my two years in Japan I was told I could choose my next assignment and I really wanted to see Europe so I asked to go to a Scandinavian country ( I thought the climate was tropical in the Scandinavian countries). I was thinking Sweden (blondes) or Denmark or maybe even Norway, however, I was lucky enough to get Holland where I lived from 1965 to 1968 and married a Dutch/Indonesian girl. We had a wonderful son (he retired from the Air Force last year) and 13 wonderful years of marriage. Unfortunately with the grueling schedule of working full time, being a weekend warrior (National Guard after discharge) and law school at night, we sadly parted. Luckily for me I managed to remarry and now live happily with my wife and preteen son (don’t laugh) in Apple Valley, California. Of course I have a million stories: some good, some bad, some funny, some sad. I plan on being at the reunion to bore you with as many of them as I can. Oh yeah, I am retired so no legal advice will be offered, however, upon request I will freely give you advice. Probably won’t be worth much, but what do you want for free? Since retiring, good fortune has allowed me to do some extensive traveling and with our trusty motor home we have managed to traverse the United States on several occasions visiting places like Disney World, Florida (awesome), Niagra Falls (fabulous) many national parks such as Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon (actually too many to list,) but all are number one on my list of favorite places. I do recognize several of the probable attendees; in fact I think I recognized the names of some of my Platt Avenue classmates, and look forward to exchanging stories of the past 50 years. Yikes, we may need to add a few days to this reunion. See You There.
Perron, Ron  – Sandpoint, ID

After high school, Compton JC (didn’t everyone?).  Then to Los Angeles State College where I graduated and became a Los Angeles Police Officer.  Had a forced invitation to join the Army and did my two draft years.  Married Mary Ball (Dominguez Class of 1963) in 1966 and still married.  After LAPD, a stint with CSULB Police Dept, and then off to retire in Sandpoint, Idaho.  We have 4 kids, all with great spouses, and 8 grandchildren.  All of our boys (3) live in the Pacific Northwest and our daughter Julie lives in Southern California.  Julie (our eldest)  works as a Principal in the Newport-Mesa school district.   Mike (son #1) lives in Salem, Oregon and is a General Painter Contractor and amateur film maker.  Matt (son #2)  lives in Portland Oregon and is the Pacific Nortwest Management trainer for Verizon. Marty (#3) lives nearby here in Sandpoint, Idaho and specializes in on-line retail sales.  During her college years, Julie was an interpreter on cruise ships and got us hooked on cruising.  Traveling has become a passion and we’ll be off to the Caribbean again in April.  Last we hooked up with some of our Lynwood and Dominguez classmates was at at a Beta Phi reunion at Gary Mills wine vineyard in Napa California several years ago.  Ron wishes he could be at the reunion but he has a family event in Texas on the same weekend.
Pilgrim, Jim – Phoenix, AZ  (Attending reunion)

Fifty years is a long time; I will not bore you with a lot of details. I’ve had several jobs in the past years (most as a computer programmer). I spent two years in the Army, one year in Cu Chi Vietnam as a Combat Engineer-Demolitions Expert (1966). My wife, Janet, and I have been married 35 years and we have one daughter. We have two doxies and a cat. We moved to Phoenix AZ from Costa Mesa, CA in 2008 and I retired Oct 1, 2010. I love cars and have bought and sold a few, including the following:

  • 1972 Corvette (sold it)
  • 1966 Corvette (sold it)
  • 1957 Chevy (sold it)
  • 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 drag car (sold it)
  • 2005 Volvo
  • 2003 Chevy Silverado
  • 1965 Chevelle drag and show car

Jim and Janet on their motorcycles.

Quick, Mike – Anaheim CA  (Attending reunion)

After graduation, I joined the Navy to see the world. I went to boot camp in San Diego and then spent one year on a special shore tour in San Diego. We received orders to join an attack squadron at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California, which wasn’t that bad; we were attached to an aircraft carrier, the USS Hancock. In 1964 we deployed on our first cruise to Hawaii, then Australia, but were ordered to the Philippines to load bombs and rockets and then on to Vietnam. At least I got to see Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. We had two tours to the South China Sea. After the Navy, I met my future wife (of 45 years) at a Halloween party; she asked me to dance. We got married in 1967, have four daughters, nine grandsons, one granddaughter and one great-granddaughter. After the Navy, I worked for some large companies and some small companies: Honeywell, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Halliburton and MTA-Metro (not as a bus driver). I retired from MTA in 2007, playing golf, fishing and model building until our number-three daughter had her second baby: Dad could you baby sit? (Yes. started at two-months old till two-years old, five days a week.) Number-four daughter has a baby boy: Dad could you baby sit? (Okay. Started at two-months old and, I hope, will stop August 1st.) We have lived in Anaheim going on 39 years.
Rassi, Randy – Whittier, CA  (Attending reunion)

I worked full time (evenings), first, as a bus boy, then as a cook at George’s BBQ from 7th grade (Hosler) till I graduated from high school to support my love of fast cars. After 1962 I was employed at various jobs, and then I decided to go back to school.  I subsequently earned an AA degree at Compton College; BS (Accounting) degree at Cal State Long Beach; and an MBA (Finance) at Whittier College. After attaining my BS degree I worked at various CPA firms for a few years, and finally secured financial positions at the cities of Compton, Montebello, Long Beach and Pico Rivera.  I retired from the City of Pico Rivera as Director of Financial Management/City Treasurer in 2003, and after 30 years of service in local government. During this time I also served in the Marine Corps Reserves; got married (1968); traveled to Europe for 4 months visiting 30 countries; divorced and remarried (1979). My wife, Maria, and I moved to the City of La Quinta (in the Coachella Valley) after we retired in 2003, finding a home on a golf course with beautiful mountain views.  After 8 years we moved back to the Whittier area to be closer to our families, which include two daughters (Gina and Nicole) and four grandchildren (Nate 12; Ava 9; and twins, Milo & Chloe 7).
Schenk, Susan Hunt – Santa Ana, CA   (Attending reunion)

Hello to all of my fellow classmates! Working on the Reunion Committee has brought back such fun and wonderful memories of Lynwood and our school days. In the years after high school I graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a B.S. and M.S. in Public Administration and started my career as a public Park and Recreation professional. Along the way I married Burl Hunt and raised two wonderful daughters in the college town of Claremont, Ca.  As a working mom it was a challenge balancing the priorities of family, home and work. Our family traveled far and wide in the U.S. and overseas. A favorite memory is visiting St. Petersburg, Russia as well as Finland, Sweden and Denmark. We traveled with my in-laws in their International School van and teased each other that we felt like “The Waltons” doing the Baltics and Scandinavia. My work in L.A. and Orange County has provided me with the opportunity to experience people and towns so different than our own Lynwood upbringing. It has been my pleasure to share many unique moments with people from other cultures, interests and expectations. Everyone knows about the local events and classes provided by Parks and Rec., but most departments are also responsible for the management of the open space, parks, golf courses, beaches, and public buildings. At the Director level it is mostly about property management, capital improvement, finance and conflict resolution. I always say that after Calif. Prop. 13 in 1976 I have gotten an MBA by the “seat of my pants” while I ran a business inside of government. Some unexpected highlights of my work have been entertaining the King and Queen of Sweden, attending the funeral of President Nixon and the Inauguration of President Clinton. I’ll always remember being hosted as a representative of the U.S. Government in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. My fondest memories and hardest work experiences have come while having a ringside seat and participating in many of the social, cultural and political trends of our country and our cities. I am happily retired, single and enjoying “The Good Life” of travel, charity work, and time with friends and family. I now have time to relax and enjoy my own leisure time. A great day is spending time with my daughters who keep me current on being “cool” with fashions and fitness. I have learned to sail, camp and kayak among many other diverse hobbies. Take a look at the picture of my “Wild Orca Adventure” with the Orca breaching to say hello in the waters offshore of Vancouver Island. A highlight of retirement is the winter months I spend at the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico. The town is filled with retired ex-patriots from the cold regions of the U.S. and Canada. The “Snowbirds” often ask me “How deep was the snow when you left home?” I smile and reply that we have no snow in Orange County and very little rain. You guessed it…In surprise, they comment, “What the heck are you doing here?” My reply is easy, “Retirement; No Stress or Responsibility.” And best of all, I laugh out loud with friends several times a day! Where else can you swim in the ocean all winter and dance in the public plaza all night? I look forward to seeing all of you and hearing or reading of your life adventures since our days as Knight & Ladies.

Simpson, Gene – Paramount, CA

I ran the Long Beach Marathon once & finished…that was good enough for me. This year I’ve biked 2,876 miles and play tennis every day…was easier on the body. Ed. note: We just heard from Gene and he is recovering from two ventricle surgeries and a quadruple bypass (8/25). He is recovering nicely, but is not yet ready for an event like the reunion. He says he’ll miss seeing everyone and signed off with his motto:  Attitude & Altitude – The Sky’s the Limit! We wish him a speedy recovery.
Slocumb, Dennis – Middletown, MD  (Attending reunion)

Right after graduation, I started at Compton, J.C. like so many.  In October the Cuban Missile crisis started and I joined the Navy.  The crisis was over before I got out of boot camp, but I spent the next four years being assigned around the country, finally aboard Kearsage as an air crewman overseas.  When I was discharged, I went back to Compton and years later got a degree from University of Redlands.  While I was in the Navy I married Nancy, who I knew from Pop’s Stables.  We are still married and have one son Mike, who lives in Orange County.  In 1968 I joined the L.A. Sheriff’s Department and stayed there for the next 32 years.  It was weird that for a few years in the late 80’s I was assigned to Lynwood Station, where one of the sergeants was a guy who had poured a beer over my head at LuMas, years before.  We would have events in Lynwood and I would think, “that’s Carol Hancock’s house, or that’s where Klaus Hubrich lived”.  By the 1980’s I doubted that Lynwood would qualify again as an “All American City.” During the course of my career, I became the president of the union that represents sergeants and lieutenants and ended up on the board of the International Union of Police Associations.  In 2000 I retired from the sheriff’s department and became the vice president of the police association.  That necessitated a move to Alexandria, Virginia.  I was the representative to Washington, D.C. for our police members across the U.S. Last year, I retired from the VP position and remain as the legislative director.  Nancy and I moved to  a small farm in the N/W corner of Maryland in the small town of Middletown.  We have horses and she is active in animal rescue, mostly pot-bellied pigs.  Many of those rescued have found a home with us here.  Somewhere in a box in our basement are dozens of photos of all of the kids I went to grade school with.  If I can find  them, I will send them to those I can identify.  I am looking forward    to seeing old friends and classmates.

Squillante, Donna Brooks – San Clemente, CA  (Attending reunion)

Okay, so here’s my Bio.  I graduated in ‘62, met him in 63, married in April ‘64, had my daughter, Lori, in Sept. ’65, adopted my son, Jeff, in ‘69……… wife, mother & housewife till ’86, left my husband, moved to San Juan Capistrano and started living my own life. I have traveled around the USA (my favorite place Yosemite about a dozen times in all seasons), Canada (Churchill, Manitoba on the tundra to see the polar bears and British Columbia), Europe, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and China where I climbed the Great Wall and saw the Terra Cotta Warriors. I tried a few different careers and settled on owning my own bookkeeping business (Brooks Bookkeeping) for the past 23 years. I have four grandchildren; my daughter Lori has a son, Joey 21, and a daughter, Kimberly 18. My son Jeff has a son, Jeffrey 21, and a daughter, Kt 19. I am still working part time. Besides traveling, I like reading, going to the theater, gardening and scrapbooking. Looking forward to seeing you all in October, has it really been Fifty years??
Svendsen, Carol Mattoon – Mission Viejo, CA  (Attending reunion

After reading Bob and Dennis’s stories from the “Voices from the Class of ’62”, my bio won’t be very exciting, but it’s my life and I love it! Howie Mattoon and I were married in 1963 and we’ve never looked back. God blessed us with four children and six grandchildren; and God blessed me with a loving man who has helped me through two bouts of chemo. We settled in Mission Viejo in 1969 and we’re still there. I work as an instructional assistant in a Special Day Class. I enjoy the students and their challenges so much that this is my 35th year. I’ve kept close contact with Janet (Wedel) Grimmett and Margaret (Henson) Brummel. My hobbies include reading (historical novels), painting (dabble in oils), gardening, decorating, and I’m trying to learn to play the cello. We’ve had three “great adventures” to many countries in Europe. What a wonderful experience. We enjoy our children and their families as often as we can.I look forward to seeing you all on the 13th.
Van Anda, Fred – Jackson, CA  (Attending reunion)

I live on a ranch in the beautiful Gold Country (Amador County). I’ve been here for 40 years and have never regretted moving from Southern Calif. My wife Deb and I own a couple of Mini Storages in Ione, CA. We love boating at our local lakes. We have a place down at Lawson’s Resort at Dillon Beach. You probably get the idea we love the water. Fishing is my passion next to buying and selling boats and sharing good food and a bottle of wine with friends. I am looking forward to our class reunion.
Warden, Dianne Firestone – Yorba Linda, CA  (Attending Reunion)

I loved growing up in Lynwood. It was truly an all American City. I was a Hair Stylist for 22 years. The first time I was married I was 21 going on 16. That lasted 10 months. At the age of 32 I met my husband Dennis. I had no children, but he had three daughters. I finally knew where I belonged. These girls were meant to be in my life. What a blessing they have been, plus we have 8 grandchildren 9 to 22. We have a vacation home in Parker, AZ on the Colorado River. We spend lots of time there with the family, and since 1986 we have spent Thanksgiving there! So much fun!! We have traveled a lot, but there’s no place like the good old USA. There has been some health problems along the way. Dennis raced and in 1987 crashed at the Indianapolis 500 in Indiana. He was seriously injured, broke his neck in two places along with other injuries. He is so lucky not to be paralyzed. I had breast cancer in 2003, but I’am good, also lucky.When we wake up in the morning we have a new look on life!! We are really blessed!! I can’t believe it’s our 50 year class Reunion.  See you there!
Wheatley, Sherri Olson – Sacramento, CA

I have been married to a wonderful man for 46 years.  Our son has two beautiful children and a super wife.  We live in Sacramento, and have since 1975.  We are both retired and enjoy our boat down in the Delta and the San Francisco Bay.  We are active and do some traveling.  We are enjoying life and having fun; that’s our mantra.  Grandkids are the best.  Sorry we will miss all of you but we are boating in the bay at that time. Love to all.
White, Susan Boegh – San Marino, CA

Greetings to fellow Knights! I want to thank those of you who have submitted biographies because they are very informative and bring back many fond memories. I especially enjoyed reading them because my husband Al and I won’t be able to attend the reunion so they provided a chance to catch up on friends’ activities. We can’t attend because in an effort to use American Airlines frequent flyer miles before any merger or reorganization, 11 months ago we booked a long vacation including back-to-back cruises on the Danube and Elbe and this lengthy trip takes place at the same time as the reunion. Regarding my history: I dated my husband, Al, in high school (he went to Dominguez) and then I attended Oxy and he went to Redlands. We married while in college and moved to five apartments in about two years because of graduate schools. Then in 1970, we moved to San Marino and have lived in this town for 42 years. I was a stay-at-home mom until 1985 when I begin teaching high school, and then became a counselor, a site administrator, and finally a District administrator working in Burbank Unified (great District) for 18 years, retiring in July 2011. My husband is a CPA who worked in public accounting and then managed a wall coverings company and then a commercial flooring distributor before his retirement in July 2011. We have three children – Eric (41) an Investment Counselor and twins Tori (39) a Life Science Director for one of the Big 4 accounting firms and Jason (39) an independent consultant in the entertainment field who does casting, makes videos and also occasionally works as an actor. All three are single and live on the West side of L.A. We have enjoyed traveling and participating in volunteer work for years and now cherish having time to choose what we want to do and where we want to go. Because my husband’s company was based in England, we had the opportunity to visit Great Britain and the continent frequently. Sometimes we also traveled with friends and especially enjoyed a Wind Star cruise in the Adriatic with 24 couples that we have known for a very long time. Since retirement, we have taken longer trips (a month in South America last fall). We enjoy playing golf although my handicap is so high that I can’t qualify to play at places like Turnberry and St. Andrews.  However, I like to play with my friends here and on vacations. In terms of volunteer work, after retirement I became a docent at the Huntington Library providing estate tours and school tours (poetry in the gardens for high school students). I also am a trustee for the local library and do some educational consulting related to secondary education issues and state and federal programs. In addition, I joined two book clubs and an investment club and enjoy having good discussions.  My husband also volunteers in the local community with the Tournament of Roses, at the Huntington library where he provides Estate tours and tours of the Japanese garden, and he serves as an unpaid financial advisor/treasurer for the church foundation and for the San Marino City Club. He enjoys his men’s movie group and participates in many activities at our golf club and he also taught an accounting course (120 students in one class) at Cal State Long Beach this fall. If anyone is in the Pasadena/San Marino area and would like to visit the Huntington art galleries, library and/or the 16 gardens, give us a call because we would enjoy sharing that institution with you.
Witt, Linda McKinnon – Ontario, CA  (Attending reunion)

I met my husband-to-be, James McKinnon (LHS Class of ’59) in 1959 when he was a Senior and I was a Freshman. We were introduced by Helen Lopez (Lumpkin). She was my friend and Jim’s neighbor. James and I dated for three years and we were married on March 17, 1962. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We have lived in Ontario for 44 years. We live on two acres of land. We have two children. John and his wife, Dodie, have a daughter, Holly (21). She is attending Cal State San Marcos studying in the medical field. Our daughter Cheryl and her husband, Chris, also have a daughter, Cari (23). She graduated with her teaching credentials from Cal State Fullerton and is now teaching at an elementary school. We are so proud of our children and grandchildren.


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