Reunion Photos

We want to post all the reunion photos we can. If you have a lot of pictures, the best solution is to post your photos to the web and then send a link to your friends (and us). 

KAREN HUMPHRIES LINDSEY has her photos on Shutterfly. Click on the link to see them:

Karen’s photos here

JOY BURLISON ARNSWALD is the first person to share her photos (68)
Link to photos

DIANA CROSS NOLAN:  Link to Diana Cross Nolan’s Reunion Photo



Bill & Fred Moore, Deb and Fred Van Anda


20 Responses to Reunion Photos


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  4. Sylvia Marcinko Chai

    I was in So Cal in late June and a group of us had a “mini-reunion”,
    Was also my birthday. May I post those photos? It was great to see
    Those who came!

  5. Karen (Humphries) Lindsey

    Aloha Everyone: I finally got my photos scrapbooked and jpeged
    and loaded on Shutterfly site: Go to Shutterfly and click on 50th Reunion, Enjoy! Karen

    • Karen (Humphries) Lindsey

      All of the classmates in the scarpbook photo’s I submitted, have their names under the picture’s, just double click on the page and it will come up larger so you guys can read it, maybe even without your glasses. HaHa, Aloha


        Hi Karen, You probably don’t remember me since I kept a low profile. Thought I’d drop a line to say I’m glad to see you are alive and well. I live in Orange County, been married 49 years this August, have 2 sons, 5 grandsons. Great to see alot of us are still kicking. Feel free to drop a line. Best wishes to you and family.

        • john holder

          hi Karen, well i forgot about sending you the message and just went back and saw your reply, i kept a low profile … i remember you and some of the old gang i just looked at the lost friends from the memoriam section many good people lost. i married a southgate gal in 64 and now have 52 yrs with her and 2 sons and 5 grandsons …. sounds like your doing great and enjoy your family as well.. i live in orange county is there another reunion comming soon?

  6. Joy Arnswald

    I have a computer engineer living next door to me. He is the one that helped me get the pictures posted. He keeps teaching me how to do it and I keep forgetting!
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see everyone else s pictures.
    The reunion was so much fun! Thanks, committee. You did a wonderful job and I hope that we do it again in 5 years. It will be a piece of cake, and I nominate the same team!

  7. Pam Burke Fetters

    I have many picture I took at the reunion, but need help getting them sent to web sight. As soon as I can get some help will post them, but will need help with names if someone can edit them when I send. Thanks to all who were able to attend. It was beyond awesome.

  8. Karen (Humphries) Lindsey

    Aloha everyone, I just returned from the mainland. The Reunion was awesome, I had so much fun seeing everyone, wished I could have sat and talked to everyone, not enough hours. I will send my photos soon. My daughter is going to show me how to send them. Hopeing we have a 55th reunion and not wait for a 60th. Love and God Bless you all!

  9. Bill Moore

    As soon as my wife shows me how to download our pics of the reunion i will share.

  10. Wilma

    Sharon, The really cute skinny gal was me!

    • Sharon Hazelwood Pereira

      Hi Wilma. I thought that cute gal was you! I was so bummed when health issues prevented me from attending. I look a lot different 50 years older and hoped that names on the photos would have helped me to share in the great time you all appeared to have. Sorry if anyone was offended by my request. You are all still a great looking bunch of happy folks.

      • Wilma

        Hi Sharon
        Thanks and I am working on getting names to the pics. I will be taking those pics to show Ernie Sandoval and Roberta Fry McNaught this weekend. They were unable to come to the reunion too and want to share all the fun we had. As soon as I get them all identified, I will work on a way to list them with help from my more computer savy friends. I noticed at the reunion that some looked exactly like they did in school (mostly the gals…beautiful) but some of the guys although still tall and handsome, didn’t really look like anyone I ever knew before. I hope to share some of the “Oh My, It’s really You” moments I had at the reunion.

        • Sharon Hazelwood Pereira

          Wow, Wilma! What a great and thoughtful thing for you to do. I am sure that all of those who could not attend will appreciate it as much as I will. I did recognize a few folks and they looked great. I enjoyed your bio (I had 5 doxies at one time and love the casinos) and really look forward to your “is it really you” moments. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks again. Sharon

  11. Wilma

    To all of you who took pictures…please put them up on the website. I just had some of Joy’s pictures copied and I picked them up at my local Walgreen’s and I’m so enjoying seeing them again. I will be sharing them with Ernie Sandoval and Roberta Fry McNaught and Barbara Harper and others this weekend as they were unable to come to the reunion and they
    want to see what fun we all had. Please share your memories.

  12. admin

    I think what Sharon is trying to say is, “Who the heck are all these OLD folks?” Unless the photos are captioned before posting, I guess you’ll have to ask somebody who was there! Sorry about that.

  13. Sharon Hazelwood Pereira

    How great you are sharing photos taken at the reunion, especially for those of us who could not attend. However, would it be possible to add names to the photos to help us recognize our classmates? It sure looks like you all had such a wonderful time. Thanks again so much for sharing. It means a lot.

  14. Susan Holt Couture

    Wow! Joy you are the best. Great pictures and very clever girl to get them posted! I will push myself in techy dept. to get them out of my camera.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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